"Telemach Wiesinger is a storyteller, the tools of his trade are his movie camera and projector: Like a portable typerwriter, the purely mechanical 16mm movie camera is used to record inner pictures. Wiesinger's films are visual poems as well as travel diaries and anthropological studies. Subjects of his short films include port cities, fascinating artefacts of the mechanical age and bizarre encounters along the way. Using analog cutting and animation devices, the captured pictures are transformed into sequences which are connected in free associative ways, creating kaleidoscope images of the places which were experienced while filming.

The screening of physical film material offers spectators a unique experience which, even in the year 2018, 2019 or in the future 2020, is only possible with this kind of cinematography: dense black and white images, accompanied by the characteristic purring of the 16mm projector, and what is said during the changing of the reels - the curtain lifts and the show of illusions can begin!

Telemach Wiesinger's FILM POEM TOUR comes to life through the interaction which results from direct contact between the giver and the receiver, between the artist and the audience. The stories of the artist meet and mix with the stories of the audience. Every screening opens possibilities for a new journey, one that involves the visual experience of a place and the creation of new images.

The FILM POEM TOUR is ongoing: Come and make discoveries far a world away from the mainstream!" (Thomas Spiegelmann)

Selected Shows 2018:
Gallery Erik Axl Sund / Stockholm Kino im Sprengel / Hannover Filmoteca de Andalucía Córdoba Filmoteca de Andalucía / Almería Filmoteca de Andalucía / Granada Guildhall / Guildford Festival Hintergrund / Burstscratch / Strasbourg Kunstverein / Schallstadt Karlstorkino / Heidelberg Open Eyes Filmfest / Marburg film:art 82 / CITY46 / Kommunalkino / Bremen Cine k / Filmkunstkino / Oldenburg d.a.i. / Deutsch-Amerikanisches Institut / Tübingen

Selected Shows in 2019:
House of Arts / Ústí Nad Labem Diametrale Festival / Innsbruck Werkstattkino / München Tangentefestival / Comoedia Mundi / Frankfurt MUCEM / Musée des civilisations de l'Europe et de la Méditerranée / Marseille

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